Chris Dominguez

Chris2 I have been in finance for over a decade. My primary focus is in Mortgage Banking…I’m a loan officer. What this means is, I get loans for people who want to buy a home, or refinance a home that they already have. I approach each transaction as a personal relationship. Some relationships are smooth, some are rocky, and some just need love, attention and communiction. Reguardless of the current state, it is still a realtionship, I work hard to keep us together and achieve the common goal…. GET THE JOB DONE, AND GET MY CLIENT A HOME!

Here is a recent article that was written about me-

Chris Dominguez is committed to helping people throughout Southern California received the home loans that they deserve. Chris Dominguez has extensive experience working with individuals of all types of credit history. Qualifying for a home loan and getting the money that you need to place a down payment or receive a mortgage is extremely important. By meeting with Chris Dominguez it is possible to navigate the complicated marketplace for purchasing a home in Southern California as well as qualify for more funding options.

Chris Dominguez works exclusively with a specialty loan Corporation called WCC Loans in California. During his time with wholesale capital Corporation Chris has helped hundreds of people to get the home loans that they need to move forward with future living arrangements. He is extremely passionate about his work in helping families find the funding that they need for brighter financial future. Chris will continue to carry out his work as a loans officer and representative of wholesale capital Corporation helping future generations to get the loans that they need even if they have a poor past credit history or very little credit to use to put towards a home loan.

As well as a commitment to excellence in helping the residents of Southern California, Chris has worked hard to build up relationships with realtors throughout Southern California as well. By providing support with loans as well as working with local real estate agents it’s possible to make the process of negotiation and finding a home much easier. Chris believes that the relationship between a real estate agent and a lender is extremely important to speeding the process of negotiations, working within budget and improving the customer experience for any new homebuyer. Because receiving loan qualification is usually one of the first steps to finding great home, Chris will continue to look out for families and individuals that need support with loans and the local real estate market.

To contact Chris Dominguez directly please use the contact information on the loan officers page of WCCloans or come to our offices and ask for him directly.