JaLynn Manser Memorial Day 2017

JaLynn Manser Memorial Day 2017.


Every month, Chris Dominguez and Lee Duran invite people to come to their office to be part of their digital film production. They have a glorious green room with lots of big lights, boom mics, fancy cameras, the works. The goal of the shoot is rather quite simple: do whatever you want. If you are new to the show, as I was, it is recommended that you take this opportunity to introduce yourself. If you’re an old timer, you are encouraged to go wild. These monthly events are a fun way for real estate agents to unwind by allowing the agents to trade in their work hats for creative hats. Chris and Lee shoot, edit, and upload the content online, and then the agents are free to do whatever they want with the videos they’ve helped create.


This month was my very first time in attendance and I have to say, I had a blast. Chris and Lee are wonderful event hosts. Equally excited, enthusiastic, and energetic, they really know how to get the crowd amped up to shoot videos. It was reminiscent of the times I’ve had tickets to go watch live tapings of Conan and a pre-production guy goes on stage to get the audience warmed up. They crack jokes, we sing songs, they dance, we play a couple rounds of Red Rover (kidding). Along with that, Chris and Lee are also focused and purposeful, keeping in mind everyone’s busy schedules and doing what is required to stay on task (with such a joyous bunch of agents, it’s easy to lose track of time).


I think my favorite part of the day was right before filming happened. As a newbie, I’ll admit, I began to get a bit nervous as it came closer to my turn to be on camera. I’m not shy, I just have a tendency to trip over my own words. Lee took notice of the anxiety starting to take hold and cooly walked over to have a conversation with me. He first diverted my attention by asking me about my daughters and then randomly asked me what our favorite family film is. “Uhhh, duhhhhh, Star Wars. I mean, is there any other answer?” So then Lee said, “okay, JaLynn, here’s what I need you to do for me. Envision yourself as a spiritual warrior-monk for the Rebel Alliance and repeat the following: ‘I am JaLynn Manser, Corona Realtor, I am one with The Force and The Force is with me. I am JaLynn Manser, Corona Realtor, I am one with The Force and The Force is with me. I am JaLynn Manser, Corona Realtor, I am one with The Force and The Force is with me.'” Whoa, that’s one pep talk I’m never going to forget. Thanks, Lee Duran the Finance Man. I’m adding it to my weekend’s Grand Open House “must do” agenda as I write this.


This Memorial Day video shoot was quite the experience. Thank you again, Chris and Lee. I’m psyched for next month’s wild event.