Jennifer Titus Easter

Jennifer Titus Easter

I’m Jennifer Titus with Riverside Real Estate Professionals. BRE 01997061.  I had such a great time making this video with Lee Duran and Chris Dominguez at Wholesale Capital Corp.  They work with myself, Jennifer Titus, as well as other Realtors in Riverside and surrounding areas.  As a Realtor in Riverside, California, as well as the IE, I get to see wonderful new, hidden areas that are just charming.  Riverside itself is vibrant with art, music, and fresh energy due to UCR as well as the New School for the arts in downtown.  Many older, well established neighborhoods have classic style homes.  Downtown Riverside has witnessed a revamping on newer, lofts, as well as dual purpose living/working spaces.  I, Jennifer Titus, will show the utmost care in dealing with your Real Estate needs and make the transition pleasant, and worthy of your referral.  Our team of agents has closed hundreds of deals!  Many happy home buyers/sellers. Thank you for letting me, Jennifer Titus, Realtor, help you fulfill your dreams in Riverside as well as the Inland Empire and surrounding areas.

Jennifer Titus

​BRE #01997061

951-363-3361 I text!


Jennifer Titus Realtor Riverside
Jennifer Titus Realtor

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