Johnny Joey Jones: Marine who Advocates for Wounded Veterans

Johnny Joey Jones: Marine who Advocates for Wounded Veterans

Johnny Joey Jones: Marine who Advocates for Wounded Veterans

Combat-wounded Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Johnny “Joey” Jones, a Marine who lost two limbs in an IED-related incident while deployed in Afghanistan in 2010, gave his story to a corporate audience in 2017. Speaking to the employees of Wholesale Capital Corporation (a mortgage lender in California), Joey Jones explained how his traumatic, life-altering disability occurred and how it set the course for a new mission in life: improving the lives of all United States military veterans.

Joey’s story is truly inspirational, but it’s equally engaging as well. “I need to let you know something that’s going to come as a little bit of a surprise,” Joey joked with the audience. “These aren’t my real legs.” Speaking to audiences around the country, he frequently uses humor to connect with people and provide them with encouragement.

Prior to his Marine deployment, Joey experienced other challenges he knows many people can relate to – for example, unexpectedly learning he was a single father after his son was already born. He describes the moment he opened an email that confirmed the results of a DNA test. “That was the first time I really had adversity in my life,” he said, “and I gained something called perspective. What could have been a really difficult time, or a challenging time, or a stressful time…in a moment, reading that email became an opportunity. I made a conscious decision.”

Joey also discusses the years he relentlessly pursued “a girl named Meg,” who is now his wife; it’s sweet, amusing and relatable. “It took me ten years to get her to decide I was the best thing that’s ever happened to her,” Joey said. “I had to lose my legs to get her on the phone!”

After his injury, Joey gained an entirely new perspective on life. Here, he discusses struggles like blaming oneself for unexpected adversity, helping friends through dark times, and finding a purpose amid your worst circumstances. “Life isn’t fair,” Joey said. “Life is balance, and it’s up to us to find that balance. We have to look for it; it’s not just served to us on a platter.”

Watch the video above to hear Johnny Joey Jones, Marine and veterans’ advocate, tell his story to the staff of Wholesale Capital Corporation, a mortgage lender in California.

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