Lee Duran Loan Officer

Lee2 Lee Duran Loan Officer:

I make the loan process as fun as possible. We will laugh, we will joke, we will have fun, then we will fund your loan. There will be challenges… there always are, If possible, we will overcome these challenges and get you in a new home!

With Dodd-Frank now governing the mortgage industry it is a very difficult business and can be very frustrating. I will help make it as much fun and as smooth as possible.

There! now you can tell your Wife/Husband that you checked me out and you think you will go with this Lee Duran loan guy that calls himself “Lee Duran the Finance man”.
See, … I already saved you some grief and maybe made you laugh. Call me.

What are VA loans?

(Lee Duran in Dress Blues)

Let us shed a little light on the VA loans so that you may have a better understanding of it. First, these VA loans have a hundred percent financing. There is no down payment involved as it’s owned and managed by the Department of Veteran Affairs (I am an official loan officer). Secondly, there is a low verge on the credit requirements. I mean, we fought a war for you; the least you can give us is that. Thirdly, there is the benefit of no requirement for private mortgage insurance, as that has already taken care of. Lastly but not least, you will have to spend little or no out of expense for getting this.


Loan Usage
I bet you had that question in your mind when you thought of getting the loan. Let me elaborate that for you. You can get a home from the loan. You can buy a home that is default made. For some people that is easier and more convenient. You can also build a home with that money if you are the DIY kind of person. If you want to make custom changes to an already present home, you can renovate and refurbish it with the loan money with ease. You can make the energy system in your home more Eco friendly by installing efficient power systems.

Why VA loans?
If you are, a veteran then there is no point in getting an FHA loan or another one because the VA loan is there for you. It is ninety-five percent better than the Freddie Mac or the Fannie Mae.
It is a ninety-seven percent better loan as compared to the FHA loan. Yes, serving your country pays off in the end too.

This loan is for those veterans who require long-term financing. It is for their spouses too provided they do not marry again (bummer?).

My credentials

I live and work in Southern California, in Temecula.  Yes, my credentials and licenses are in good standing a valid. I have got securities license in 1992 (crd non active),  my real estate license, my NMLS license and all my credentials ,can be checked at my website.

Other Services
Besides the VA loans, I also do FHA insured loans and the conventional loans. I guess I must be the Jack of the loan trade. Did I mention that I have a sense of humor?

My manifesto “Lee Duran Loan Officer”

Men and women, who serve their country; should be given recognition in non-combative matters so that we, the nation can give them something in return for their answering to the call of duty. In addition, I am being a veteran stand by that motto and ideology.
There you go, I’m hoping you are a bit satisfied with what you read, and you can confirm to your spouse that you have me checked out as the Real McCoy and don’t worry, we’ll have fun, we’ll laugh and painlessly process your application and hopefully get you the loan of which you are profoundly deserving.

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