Loan Officer best practices and best place to work. LO 1.

Loan Officer best practices and best place to work.

Loan Officer Best Practices

Succeeding as a loan officer is both nature and nurture. While natural talent is certainly a factor, it is possible to improve your performance and results by willing yourself to embrace a few key tools – tools that may be regarded as loan officer best practices.   

  1. Have a map.

In the age of GPS, mapping your own route has gone by the wayside. That might be fine when it comes to driving a vehicle, but navigating through your career in the mortgage industry is a very different story. Successful loan officers don’t just know their goal destination; they take the time to map out how they’re going to reach it. They set sales goals for each month, quarter and year, and they hold themselves accountable for hitting those numbers.

  1. Have a system.

Plugging into a system that teaches loan officer best practices is critical to your success. For example, Wholesale Capital Corporation holds regularly scheduled trainings for its sales staff; trainers are drawing not only from their personal experience, but also from an industry-accepted training system. When deciding where to work as a loan officer, it’s important to find out what type of training system is built in to the organization so you can determine if it will help you improve your performance.

  1. Have a strong team.

Although some in the industry manage to go it alone and succeed, most successful loan officers are happy to surround themselves with competent staff who support the mission. Assistants, processors and marketing professionals are the unsung heroes of our industry. By getting them on board with what you’re doing and communicating with them about your needs, you can improve your odds of success.

Another key member of your team should be your company president; ideally, you want to work for a mortgage company where the president is available to mentor loan officers and help them reach their goals. That is the case at Wholesale Capital Corporation, where we are always on the lookout for talented loan officers licensed in California to join our team.

There’s no magic formula to succeeding as a loan officer, but there are loan officer best practices that can empower you to improve. By implementing these immediately, you can move closer to achieving the results you aspire to.

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