Video marketing for Realtors – How to get noticed in Corona California or any other city-full video.


Video for realtors and how to get ahead of the competition. In this very informative talk Lee Duran and Chris Dominguez talk about getting a YouTube Presence and how to be head and shoulders above the Realtors in Corona or any other city that a realtor may want to dominate. Corona California has so much to offer as a city to live in. Realtors know this is a very competitive city to sell real estate in. Mia Waldron starts the event off with a bang and Realtor after realtor asks questions on how to best get the most out of their marketing on YouTube. Lee Duran tells about how the competition is fierce. Real Estate is a people business and people want to hire a realtor that they know and trust. Monica Franco , Jose Nieto, Ofelia Dilley ,Connie Muckenthaler ,Cindi Shutt ,Mandy Munoz ,Jessica Martinez , Mia Waldron , Lorena Kelder ,Steven Morales , Josephine Brito , Martin Goldsmith , Kip Shelton , Dillan Duran were among the realtor attendee’s. The Inland gateway association of realtors was a fine place to have this event.

Special thanks to,
Monica Franco , Jose Nieto, Ofelia Dilley, Connie Muckenthaler, Cindi Shutt, Mandy Munoz, Jessica Martinez , Mia Waldron , Lorena Kelder, Steven Morales , Josephine Brito , Martin Goldsmith , Kip Shelton, Dillan Duran.